6 Tips for Planting Pollinator Friendly Gardens

Gardeners can support honey bees and other pollinators by planting pollinator friendly gardens. Learn some tips and tricks for making your garden popular for the pollinators!

  1. Plant pollinator friendly flowers!
    Here are a few that would make the perfect addition to your garden:

    Pollinator Friendly Flowers

  2. Plan for a long bloom season
    Combine plants that will bloom from early spring to fall (even in winter in milder climates). A long season of color means consistent food source all season.

    Plan for a Long Bloom Season

  3. Include diverse flower colors, fragrances and shapes

    Plant Diverse Flower Colors

  4. Plant in full sun

    Pollinator Flowers Need Sunlight

  5. Provide a water source

    Water Source for Bees

  6. Planting and Care

    How to Care for Your Pollinator Flowers

Give your pollinator friendly plants some TLC! Make sure they are well adapted to the sun and soil conditions in your garden and water as needed.