Morgan Scalici Dunn

Research Associate, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer

Morgan Scalici DunnMorgan obtained her B.S. in Wildlife Science at North Carolina State University in spring 2015. Before coming to Bayer, Morgan worked for Smithers Viscient, a contract research organization that was responsible for conducting a portion of Bayer’s regulatory studies concerning non-target organisms.

In November 2015, Morgan joined Bayer when she was hired as an Entomology Lab Technician to process native bee samples collected from two regulatory field studies. Her contract was later extended and she joined Bee Care team during the 2016 bee season to help with bee health research, apiary management, education and outreach.

Regarding her first year of working with the bee care staff, Morgan says, “My experience here at Bayer has been invaluable to my career. By working with closely Dick, Kim, and Sarah, my knowledge of honey bees, their associated pests and diseases, and with the current challenges and efforts being made to improve pollinator services by bees has grown exponentially. I’ve been able to build a holistic perspective of pollinator services in agriculture, and now feel confident pursuing a master’s degree related to this topic.”

Morgan looks forward to working with the Bee Care staff again in the 2017 bee season. She will continue to be involved in integrated apiculture research, bee care center tours, and pollinator education and outreach efforts.