Dick Rogers

Manager, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer

Dick RogersDick is an entomologist, apiologist and research manager for Bayer’s North American Bee Health program. He serves as both an internal and external resource and educator on bees and apiculture, and he works to identify, develop and evaluate tools, products and management for protecting and improving honey bee health.

“I started keeping honey bees because I was fascinated with this social insect,” Dick said. “Plus, my small scale honey production and pollination service helped pay my way through university.” Dick has been keeping and studying honey bees for over 40 years and has been a professional entomologist for over 35 years. He joined Bayer in 2009 to provide apiculture expertise in support of the ecotoxicology program.

A native Canadian, Dick received his bachelor’s degree from Acadia University in Nova Scotia, and his master’s degree in entomology from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. He is a former member of the Nova Scotia Institute of Agrologists, the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists, the former International Commission on Plant-Bee Relationships Bee Protection Group, and is a current member of the American Beekeeping Federation and the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association.