Daniel R. Schmehl Ph.D.

Scientist II, Pollinator Safety, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer

Daniel SchmehlDaniel (Dan) Schmehl is an ecotoxicologist in the Pollinator Safety group, where he has worked since 2015. He received his Ph.D. in entomology from Penn State University in 2013 and his B.S. in biology from Messiah College in 2007. Dan’s primary responsibilities include pollinator safety evaluations of crop protection products and research support for the Bee Care Center.

Dan initially was interested in working for Bayer when he realized the substantial number of bee experts within the company. “When I saw that Bayer was bringing more ‘bee experts’ into the organization, I understood that they were creating an opportunity to really do something to improve and promote bee health.” He identified Bayer as a key contributor and driver to promoting and improving bee health through their commitment to pollinator safety.

Dan’s core responsibilities fit perfectly within his priority of improving bee husbandry, aka keeping bees healthy. He develops and designs new methodologies and toxicology studies to support the registration of compounds by identifying environmentally sustainable use rates and patterns, application timing, and risk mitigation strategies. Dan is also very active in the research efforts within our Bee Care Center. His engagement within internal and external partnerships is evident through multiple projects aimed at improving pollinator health and sustainable pollination services. He has collaborated on research projects designed to identify enhanced control strategies for the Varroa mite parasite and to develop non-Apis bee methods for use in risk assessment. Dan is also one of Bayer’s leading scientists working on Healthy Hives 2020, an initiative that is focused on conducting targeted research to identify measurable and tangible solutions for beekeepers to noticeably improve honey bee colony health by the year 2020.