Feed a Bee Has Attendees Buzzing at the PGA TOUR Championship

As part of our National Honey Month celebration in September, Feed a Bee (FAB) attended the PGA TOUR Championship at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia, to speak with attendees about the importance of pollinators and what we can all do to help our fuzzy friends. To garner interest, the FAB team created an attention-catching activation that had visitors buzzing for days!

The Deck presented by Feed a Bee

The Feed a Bee team built an outdoor, shaded garden lounge for attendees to visit while on-site at the tournament.

Feed a Bee Deck

Having a shaded tent would have been enticing enough for most in the 95-degree heat, but our space also included comfortable couches and plenty of refreshments.

Beed a Bee Couch

The space was decorated in every direction with pollinator-attractant flowers, including centerpieces hanging from the ceiling and a living flower wall that doubled as the backdrop for a photo booth.

Feed a Bee Tent

However, possibly the most buzz-worthy piece of décor was the giant bee also hanging from the ceiling. Luckily for us, this bee didn’t sting!

Once inside, attendees had the opportunity to relax and watch the tournament (or, sometimes, important football games) on one of the televisions. Guests also learned more about bee health by playing giant Jenga, which had pollinator facts printed on the game pieces.

Feed a Bee Jenga

A fan favorite activity was the opportunity to show up Tiger on our Chip-Pong-Golf game. We call this a hole-in-one for both fun and pollinators!

The Feed a Bee banner was high, and the giveaway table was covered in goodies from clear stadium bags and binoculars to bee-shaped pens and fuzzy bees. We had something for everyone – including sharpies to use when getting players’ autographs!

Feed a Bee Toy Giveaways

Throughout the event, we also offered a honey varietal tasting. As you may know, honey varietals are 100 percent honey and have no added flavoring but vary in color and taste based on the flowers that the bees visit. Attendees had an opportunity to sample one of five honey varietals:

  • Orange Blossom
  • Raspberry
  • Eucalyptus
  • Blueberry
  • Avocado

Feed a Bee Honey Giveaways

Un-BEE-lievable Bites

To drive home the importance of bees to our food supply, Feed a Bee worked with Chef Kevin Gillespie and influencer Lo Bosworth to create a cookbook compiled of original recipes that featured many foods that are pollinated by bees, including avocados, oranges and watermelon.

Feed a Bee Book

Lo Bosworth, founder of the personal health company Love Wellness who you may recognize from her reality TV days, attended the event on Saturday to speak with attendees about her passion for bee health and the Feed a Bee initiative. While visiting The Deck presented by Feed a Bee, Lo autographed the cookbooks and posed for photos with fans.

Lo Bosworth

Drew Charter School

Prior to the start of the championship, Feed a Bee partnered with the PGA to host a planting at the Charles Drew Charter School. To support the Drew Charter beekeeping club and school apiary, our team joined students in planting pollinator-attractant flowers on-site to serve as forage and habitat for their bees. We also provided a $5,000 donation to the beekeeping club to help them in caring for their bees.

Feed a Bee Check to Drew Charter School

We were thrilled by the excitement of the students and the interest of attendees at the PGA TOUR Championship in learning more about pollinators and Feed a Bee.

If you are interested in helping support the bees, too, please visit FeedABee.com.