15 Coolest Things that Happened on the Way to Planting 2 Billion Flowers

Feed a Bee 2 Billion Flowers Banner

Since 2015, nearly 1 million people and 120 organizations have joined with Feed a Bee to create additional forage for pollinators around the country. Thanks to the support of these people nationwide, we have distributed over 2 billion wildflowers to date! It’s been quite the adventure, and we are so thankful for everyone who has helped us to support bee health. Here are some of the craziest and coolest things that have happened along the way:

  1. Helped nearly 900,000 people plant their own pollinator gardens by offering FREE seed packets. Check out the people sharing their #FeedABee experience!

    Feed a Bee Images

  2. Teamed up with The Wildlife Society for our first annual fall planting tour, establishing 50 million native flowers across four states in six weeks.

    Feed a Bee Planting in Texas

  3. Planted a rooftop garden in our nation’s capital on the University of the District of Columbia’s campus.

    Feed a Bee Purple Flowers

  4. Hosted media and bloggers to cook with an executive chef and take a tour of the Feed a Bee forage on a world-renowned golf facility (where a scene in A League of Their Own was filmed).

    Cooking with Feed a Bee

  5. Introduced the world to Beatrice Blume, and brought her story to life on the set of The Walking Dead.

    Feed a Bee Video

  6. Starred in a photo shoot with the North Carolina Department of Transportation at one of their most notable roadside gardens on the side of I-85.

    Feed a Bee NCDOT

  7. Had American Agri-Women spread the word about Feed a Bee during their cross-country tour.

    Feed a Bee on a Truck

  8. Received the cutest thank you cards from the next generation of pollinator enthusiasts!

    Feed a Bee Thank You Drawing

  9. Threw seed balls at Atlanta’s Piedmont Park with the Georgia Commissioner of Ag, and installed a seed ball machine for park attendees to continue planting.

    Feed a Bee in Piedmont Park

  10. Picked and enjoyed watermelon right from the field after teaching participants about pollinator forage and habitat in Clemson, South Carolina.

    Feed a Bee Eating Watermelon

  11. Snapped selfies with Vitamin Bee at Farm Progress Show, outside of Springfield, Illinois.

    Feed a Bee Cutout

  12. Celebrated North Carolina’s first official Honey Bee Day by establishing forage with Richard Reich from the NC Department of Agriculture.

    Feed a Bee at Bayer Bee Care Center

  13. Made bee-autiful artwork and performed pollinator experiments with classrooms and playgrounds in Memphis and New Orleans.

    Feed a Bee Classroom

  14. Shared more than 10,000 bee emojis on Twitter (We planted a wildflower for each emoji shared!).

    Feed a Bee Cartoon

  15. Trucked across the country (everywhere from Hawaii, California, Illinois, New Orleans and Georgia) to teach each area about bee health and the significance of forage for pollinators.

    Bee in a Truck

We look forward to spreading more wildflower seeds to continue increasing forage for bees around the country.

"Every new forage patch, no matter how big or small, helps to increase the health of pollinators."

Becky Langer, Bayer North American Bee Care Center