NCSBA/SCSBA 2017 Summer Meeting, Winston-Salem, NC

This July Allen and I traveled to Winston-Salem for the North Carolina/South Carolina State Beekeeping Meeting to talk about hive scales. We had a great time interacting with many of you involved in the project and listening to some of the guest speakers. If you want to hear more about the meeting or want to get the next meeting on your calendar, check out their website:

In our workshop, we had some great discussions about what the scales have been able to tell us, how they can be used effectively during a flow, but also how the project could improve or even expand. Rafael Cabrera from SolutionBee was also able to join us and answer more technical questions regarding the scale hardware or structural design. From the conversations in the room, it sounds like there is continued interest to better understand how we can use this technology to better manage our hives and gain insight into the landscapes our bees have access to.

You can check out a PDF version of my presentation here: Hive Scale Project: can electronic hive scales make us better beekeepers?