Entomological Society of America 65th Annual Meeting

This past November my colleague, Ana Cabrera, presented a poster on my behalf at the annual entomological society of America conference in Denver, Colorado. The poster was presented in the Member symposium “Pollinator Nutrition: Lessons from Bees at Individual to Landscape Levels”. The project seemed to be a perfect fit for this sort of discussion as we try to better understand our bees and the dynamics within the hive using information about the landscape. I unfortunately was unable to attend the meeting however Ana was able to listen into presentations about other hive scale projects working on very similar questions. I was able to find the website for one of these projects in Michigan state (https://msubeeblog.wordpress.com/) . It’s exciting to see people working on a similar question in a different geographic region! My hope is that after all of these efforts, including ours, begin to get more established with longer term data sets, we can combine our datasets to make some really informed observations about how our bees operate in different areas of the country with the forage they have around them.

Check out the poster here and stay tuned for future presentations!