2018 Data and Weekly Updates

Weekly Updates

December 2017 - January 2018

December 2017 - January 2018

Well we are already into the new year and quickly approaching spring! In the past few months we’ve been able to bring in additional beekeepers in some new counties, bringing our count up to 50 beekeepers across 20 counties!

Western Piedmont Hive Scale Graph

Central Piedmont Hive Scale Graph

Wake County Hive Scale Graph

East Piedmont Hive Scale Graph

Coastal NC Bee Hive Scale Graph

Most of the hives are eating through their food stores as expected however the snow has created a few bumps in the data from piling up on the hives! Additionally, when temperatures get below freezing the scales shut off and stop recording the weight which has created a few data gaps this month. Now when we zoom in on January 17th-20th we can see the “arctic blast” in mid-January that dumped several inches of snow across the piedmont.

Scale Temperatures Across Counties

As you can see, there is quite a bit of variability in temperatures across the different scales. This might have something to do with the accuracy of the sensors but also could be a reflection of differences in hive microclimate, like how much shade the hives get. Then when we look at the weight of some of the hives across the counties, you can see based on the amount of weight they put on on January 17th, just how much snow the different regions got. For example, in part of Durham county, there was almost 10 lbs of snow sitting on top of the hive at the end of the day, compared to Alexander county or Craven county where they saw less than a 5 lb. weight increase. Now these hives may be more exposed to the elements compared to others that may be more sheltered by overhanging trees, however you can see clear differences across the regions from the time the weight started and stopped increasing.

Hive Weights Across Counties

I went in and checked the empty hive equipment as well, and you can see almost a 20 lb weight increase over 10 hours from all the snow we got at the center! What I find interesting is how quickly it melts as soon as the temperatures get above freezing-within just an hour or two 13 lbs of snow has melted!

Empty Equipment Graph

As we start to get into some warmer weather, we will be ready to capture the spring show as swarm season and nectar flows start up again! To get a more detailed look at the floral resources the bees are capitalizing on, we will be placing out pollen traps in some of the Bayer apiaries to follow what pollen sources they’re utilizing throughout the year. Check out the first collection from the Bayer Bee Care center hives here.