2018 Bayer Bee Care Young Beekeeper Award

Bayer celebrates pollinator enthusiasts and beekeepers who share the benefits of bees with their community.

The Bayer Young Beekeeper Award, sponsored by the North American Bayer Bee Care Program, recognizes students ages 12-18 for their efforts in pollinator health and community leadership. The award honors young leaders who have created a unique project to support honey bees either individually or in tandem with their school or a community organization. The winners receive a $3,000 (1st place), $2,000 (2nd place) or $1,000 (3rd place) prize to support their honey bee-focused initiatives or to be applied toward college tuition.

Leo Winner Young Beekeeper Award 2018Daniel McSween 2nd Place Young Beekeeper AwardJonathan Murphy 3rd Place Young Beekeeper Award

From left to right: Leo Schirokauer, Daniel McSween and Jonathan Murphy

After receiving numerous impressive entries, we are proud to announce the second annual winners for the 2018 Bayer Bee Care Young Beekeeper Awards.

  • 1st place: Leo Schirokauer, 17, Ohio
  • 2nd place: Daniel McSween, 17, Texas
  • 3rd place: Jonathan “JD” Murphy, 17, Texas

Read more about these young leaders and their impressive efforts here.

It’s inspiring to see the efforts that students across the country are making; all who applied should be proud of the work they are accomplishing. Applications for the 2019 awards will be available in the spring. In the meantime, read more about past winners and their BEE-autiful efforts to protect pollinators here.


Jake Young Beekeeper Judge
Jake Reisdorf

First Recipient of the Bayer Bee Care Young Beekeeper Award

Entrepreneur and founder of Carmel Honey Company, Jake manages more than 100 hives in his California community. As a high school student, he leads the community by example and seeks to share his knowledge of pollinators with the next generation.
Kim Young Beekeeper Judge
Kim Flottum

Editor in Chief for Bee Culture Magazine

With nearly 20 years of experience at Bee Culture magazine, Kim has received a degree in horticulture from UW Madison and spent four years studying pollination and ecology with the USDA Honey Bee Research Lab.

Becky Langer-Curry
Becky Langer-Curry

Project Manager, Bayer North American Bee Care Program

Becky, who joined Bayer in 2010 as North American biosafety site manager, ensures the success of the North American Bee Project Team and directs and manages Bee Care strategy and activities.