Sarah Myers

Bee Team Apiarist and Outreach Coordinator, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer

Sarah Meyers
Sarah Myers joined the North American Bee Care Team in April 2013 as the public outreach coordinator and resident beekeeper. A beekeeper for 10+ years,  she has 20 honey bee hives and is part-owner of The Pleasant Bee, a business selling honey and other products from the hive at a local farmers market and several small retail stores.  

Sarah first discovered her passion for honey bees while earning her business degree at North Carolina State University. “In college, I needed a science elective for a non-science major. So, I said, ‘OK – beekeeping – that can’t be so bad.’ I took the class and from day one was inherently fascinated by honey bees. It’s amazing how they captured my heart and mind. Everything from then on became, “What can I do for honey bees? How can I be a better beekeeper? How can I improve the environmental area for their forage?”

  • Video – Sarah demonstrates a honey bee hive at the Bayer Bee Care Center.
  • Beekeeper Profile – Find out more, including Sarah’s advice to people thinking about starting a hobby as a beekeeper.


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