Sarah Myers

Bayer Bee Team Apiarist and Outreach Coordinator in Research Triangle Park, NC

Sarah Meyers
Sarah Myers joined the North American Bee Care Team in April 2013 as the public outreach coordinator and resident beekeeper. A beekeeper for 10+ years,  she has 20 honey bee hives and is part-owner of The Pleasant Bee, a business selling honey and other products from the hive at a local farmers market and several small retail stores.  

Sarah first discovered her passion for honey bees while earning her business degree at North Carolina State University. “In college, I needed a science elective for a non-science major. So, I said, ‘OK – beekeeping – that can’t be so bad.’ I took the class and from day one was inherently fascinated by honey bees. It’s amazing how they captured my heart and mind. Everything from then on became, “What can I do for honey bees? How can I be a better beekeeper? How can I improve the environmental area for their forage?”

  • Video – Sarah demonstrates a honey bee hive at the Bayer Bee Care Center.
  • Beekeeper Profile – Find out more, including Sarah’s advice to people thinking about starting a hobby as a beekeeper.


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