Bayer Feed A Bee creating forage areas for bees

The Feed a Bee Initiative

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Feed a Bee is an initiative started by Bayer to create forage areas with a diversity of bee-attractant plants for honey bees. In 2015, thousands of individuals joined Feed a Bee efforts to provide bees with plentiful food options. We are now collaborating with more than 100 agricultural, university, non-profit and other organizations and businesses to provide an abundant diversityPlant a flower, feed the bees! of forage for bees and to help in bee forage research and education efforts.

Ensuring good health for honey bees only makes sense. Many of the fruits and vegetables that are part of our healthy diet depend on insect pollination to bear fruit, and yet bees often do not have access to the diverse pollen and nectar sources they need to thrive.

With a growing world population putting more pressure on food production, bees have an increasingly important job. The world population is expected to grow to nearly 9 billion people, requiring some 70 percent more food projected by 2050. We all can play a role in providing bees with diverse food sources to help them as they help us meet the challenges of a growing world.

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