Best Management Practices

Scientists and regulatory authorities agree that bee health is a complex issue. Many factors affect honey bee health including inadequate nutrition, parasites, diseases, extreme weather events, reductions in forage areas, genetic characteristics, improper application of pesticides, and in some cases, colony management practices.

There are many approaches to help honey bee health. To ensure beekeeping success:
  • Place your hives in a sunny but sheltered location.
  • Provide bees with a good water supply close to the hives.
  • Offer a variety of flowering plants nearby to provide bees with nectar and pollen for food.
  • Monitor bees and recognize and respond to changes in colony health.
For more ideas on beekeeping success, watch the video, “Keeping Honey Bees.”  Or check out this brochure for other ideas on Improving and Protecting Honey Bee Health.

The Honey Bee Health Coalition published an article in Bee Culture  Magazine and an accompanying Incident Reporting Quick Guide to promote best practices that prevent of mitigate bee loss incidents. Laminated Quick Guides can be ordered as well.

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