Hive Mind? Check Out These Top Pollinator Bee-sources

Are you looking to dig deeper on a particular pollinator topic? Check out some of our favorite links and resources below to help feed your growing curiosity!

How Can YOU Help?

Feed a Bee LogoFeed a Bee is a program that encourages people across the country to take one easy action in order to support pollinator health: plant native wildflowers. By planting wildflowers, you can make sure there is plenty of food available for our fuzzy friends.

A Swarm of Information

National Honey Board LogoThe National Honey Board collects and shares a multitude of research pertaining to honey production.

Experience first-hand the perspective of bees in National Honey Board’s 360-degree video, “Be the Bee – A Hive to Table Experience.” Explore how bees do so much more than make honey, including supporting our food supply.

Honey Bee Health Coalition LogoThe Honey Bee Health Coalition provides a series of resources on a variety of bee topics, covering everything from Varroa mites to best practices for integrating beekeepers and farmer interests while protecting bee colonies.

Specifically, their Bee Understanding Project creates a job swap program to enable key stakeholders to gain additional perspective and best think of creative ways to support bee health. A documentary demonstrating the project experience can be found on their website.

Educator Activities

Vitamin Bee LogoVitamin Bee is a fun, engaging website to help educators teach children though music, videos and games about the importance of nutritious foods and how pollinators help these foods to grow.

Are your students wondering just exactly how honey is made? How about if there are more pollinators than just bees? These videos can help answer all of their questions!

Sweet Virginia LogoThe Sweet Virginia foundation provides activities and lesson plans for teachers to use while helping elementary school students explore the wonderful world of pollinators, including jobs bees complete in hives and the role pollinators play in ecosystems.