Photo Gallery

See more of what we do as part of the Bayer Bee Care Program, and take a peek at our Feed a Bee forage grant recipients’ ongoing and completed projects.
Seed Bag
Becky Langer Helping with Feed a Bee
Beekeeper Equipment
Field of Pollinator Wild Flowers
Becky Langer Donates on Behalf of Feed a Bee
Celebrating 10,000 Visitors to the Bayer Bee Care Center
4Hers Holding Pollinating Plants
Little Girl Holding a Bee
Kids Playing at the Bayer Bee Care Center
North America Bayer Bee Care Center
Children Plant Pollinators
Boy at the Bayer Bee Care Center
4H Plants with Feed a Bee
Volunteer Breaking Ground with Feed a Bee
Kids Make Crafts with Feed a Bee