The Latest Buzz on Feed a Bee

A bee feeding on a sunflower.The past few months have flown by, and since our last check-in, the Feed a Bee program has been buzzing with activity! We started the year with an exciting announcement of our goal to plant more seeds for bees in all 50 states by the end of 2018! To accomplish this, we’re distributing $500,000 to organizations across the country that have submitted a proposal for forage initiatives in their communities. To date, we’ve received tremendous interest from numerous applicants aiming to promote bee health. We’ll soon be ready to announce the first round of grantees, and if you’re interested in submitting your own proposal, visit for more information!

Request for Proposals Attracts Pollinator Enthusiasts Far and Wide

A bee eating from a purple flower.The call for proposals for forage projects nationwide is by far one of our most robust and rewarding projects since the inception of the Feed a Bee program. Bayer is passionate about pollinators and the contributions they make to many ecosystems and environments. Because of that, we recognize the importance of providing them with adequate nutrition sources and diverse habitat, so they’re supported in bringing about many of the foods and beautiful landscapes we enjoy. However, we can’t do it alone, and that’s why the dedicated pollinator partners who will receive these funds are crucial in our ongoing effort to support bee health.

Who can apply for grant money to bring these forage projects to life? Well, the answer is just about anyone, from nonprofits, growers (individuals and trade groups), beekeepers (individuals and associations) and businesses to schools, clubs, gardening groups and government agencies. The requirements for these proposals are simple and twofold: Establish the forage through a dedicated planting or habitat restoration effort, and include an educational component to share the initiative with third parties, making them aware of the importance of pollinator forage.

The planting or restoration effort could take the form of establishing a pollinator garden, increasing acreage of existing forage, integrated vegetation management (IVM) of rights-of-way, restoration of native habitat land, control of invasive weeds, and planting hedgerows, etc. The location must be viable and able to support pollinator forage plants (wildflowers, ornamentals or trees) and pollinators. Example locations include farms, community/urban gardens, schools and rights-of-way.

We can’t wait to begin breaking ground on the first forage projects in just a few months!

Lifetime's "Be the Change" Segment: Buzzing into the Mainstream

Speaking of breaking ground, Feed a Bee and the Bayer Bee Care Program will soon make its national television debut! Lifetime’s “Be the Change” segment within The Balancing Act morning show is all about ways viewers can get involved in the issues facing our world and be a valuable part of the solution. This is something Feed a Bee knows a little about – we’ve always incorporated a focus on community involvement in our program. Over the years we’ve worked with 900,000 passionate supporters and provided seed packets to those who’d like to help the bees by establishing their own pollinator plots. We’ve treasured our many trips across the country to plant forage everywhere from universities, urban rooftop gardens and golf courses, to nonprofits, apiaries and more!

A butterfly enjoying pollin.Tune in with us on Monday, June 19, at 7:30 in the morning to get an insider view into the Bayer Bee Care Center and its plethora of resources for pollinator enthusiasts far and wide, our valued partners, local community members who have joined us for countless events, our beekeepers and more! We’re grateful for the opportunity to spread such an important message across the country and provide a forum for viewers to join us in promoting and protecting pollinator health.

As you can see, it’s been a busy few months for us, but we’re always grateful for the hustle and bustle of many projects and initiatives under way; it means we’re making an impact, which we could never accomplish without the support of people like you!

We hope you’ll follow our RFP for forage initiatives as we begin getting some of the preliminary projects under way. We also hope you will join us for an early morning of bee health inspiration with Lifetime’s The Balancing Act on Monday, June 19. Until next time, we’ll keep buzzing!