The Bayer Bee Care Center Celebrates 10,000 Visitors and Counting

A little girl looking at a bee at the Bayer Bee Care Center.The Bayer Bee Care Center was buzzing with excitement April 20 as 75 students, their teachers and chaperones joined us for a day of celebration! The group of students from Ravenscroft School in Raleigh, North Carolina, was recognized as the Bee Care Center’s commemorative 10,000th visitor.

Sarah Myers, Bee Care Center education outreach coordinator and apiarist, led the group on a tour and scavenger hunt through the center. The students learned about the importance of pollinators and the challenges they face, such as Varroa mites. Their favorite part of the tour may have been seeing a demonstration hive in action – it was a great opportunity to apply what the students learned on the tour to a live colony. Additionally, students were thrilled for a chance to hold drones! Many of them learned at the event that drones (male honey bees) don’t actually sting.

Children doing projects at the Bayer Bee Care Center.The 10,000th visitor celebration also served as a great moment to announce our newest Feed a Bee partner, Sweet Virginia Foundation, an organization committed to teaching elementary school students about the importance of honey bees to pollination and our daily lives. Their passion makes them an especially exciting partner! Jeanette Edelstien from Sweet Virginia led a hands-on activity that both taught students about sunflowers and had them digging in the dirt. Each student brought a bit of the experience home with them in the form of a planted sunflower seed!

Bayer is thankful to all the partners, volunteers and especially the visitors who made this milestone possible. If you are in the Raleigh-Durham area and are interested in experiencing the Bee Care Center, visit our website to sign up for a tour.

Celebrating 10,000 visitors to the Bayer Bee Care Center.