Searching for the Dynamic Duo of Agriculture!

We appreciate beekeepers at Bayer!

Each year, the Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award recognizes outstanding individuals who improve their communities through beekeeping efforts. To date, we’ve honored beekeepers who have mentored at-risk youth, taught war veterans how to operate their own hives and supported students interested in beekeeping and STEM education.

The Community Leadership Award is Back! What’s New?

The 2016 Community Leadership Award will not only showcase the exceptional work of beekeepers, it will also shed light on the importance of collaborating with growers to protect pollinators. This year’s award will recognize the efforts of both a beekeeper and a grower.

The award will include a $6,000 prize to be split between two individuals who have worked together to promote and protect pollinators. By bringing beekeepers and growers together, them for their successful partnerships and highlighting how their efforts have contributed to more sustainable beekeeping and growing practices, the award will provide examples of how others can improve bee health.

Check back in the next Bee Care Buzz to see who wins the honor this year.