The 5 "A's" to Sprucing up Your Garden this Spring

Sprucing Up Your Spring Garden

Spring cleaning isn’t just for inside your home, it can be for your garden too! Warmer temperatures are just around the corner, and there’s no time like the present to get your garden in gear for spring planting. Check out our five “As” to help your garden look and feel its best this spring:

Assess the current state of your garden

With the fluctuating temperatures we experienced this winter season from warm to cold and back again, it’s possible that some damage was done to the health and stability of your garden. Take this time to assess its current state along with the needs of your plants moving into the new season.

Adapt your garden game plan

First review what went well last year and decide what new plants you’d like to add this year. Consider plant placement based on sunlight, shade and irrigation needs. Make adjustments where needed to improve outcomes.  Also confirm that you have all the necessary garden tools to get the job done and that they’re in good condition before diving in. Hint: Proper tool maintenance will save you money and prevent the spread of disease transmission between cuttings. Clean and sharpen anything with an edge and inspect your other equipment to make sure it’s in proper working order.

Attack weeds and pests

It’s time to clean up your garden! Read and follow label directions for any product you’re using to remove weeds or pests. However, make sure to not disturb any native bee nesting sites! Also, remember to remove the weeds from the root so they don’t grow back.

Aerate your soil

One of the most important steps in your garden prep is cultivating and aerating the soil. Aeration involves perforating your soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the plant roots. Be sure to throw out any rocks you find in the process! Your soil is likely dry from the winter months so make sure that your plants and vegetables have access to consistent water and are absorbing as much as they need, especially as temperatures rise.

Accelerate your plants’ growth

Consider trimming and pruning any plants that survived the winter so they can continue to grow in the spring. However, remember that different plants require pruning at different points in their growth cycles so don’t do it too early and get rid of any blooming buds.

Now it’s go time! Activate your plan following these five easy steps to get your garden in tip-top shape. Below are more resources to help you prepare your garden for the spring ahead: