Feed a Bee: Better than Ever in 2017

fall forage tourLast year, the Feed a Bee program was buzzing with activity! From launching our first-ever fall forage tour to plant 50 million seeds with The Wildlife Society to reaching an overall total of 2 billion wildflowers planted for bees and other pollinators, it was a busy and rewarding year. The fun doesn’t stop in 2017 – we have plans to up the ante even more! Activities this year include hosting community events across the country, establishing more forage patches, spreading the word about bee health to new audiences, and planting more and more seeds to improve nutrition for bees.

All of this will help us to accomplish our biggest goal yet – planting forage in all 50 states by the end of 2018! We know we can’t do it alone, and thanks to our new teering committee, our incredible roster of dedicated Feed a Bee partners and pollinator enthusiasts, we don’t have to.

New Steering Committee Helps Pioneer Forage Initiatives in All 50 States!

We’re introducing our inaugural Feed a Bee steering committee this year, which is joining us in working toward our goal of planting seeds in every U.S. state by the end of 2018! They will collaborate with Feed a Bee to determine forage initiatives and planting events to host across the country. We couldn’t be more excited to kick off two years of championing bee health with these 14 individuals who are thought leaders within pollinator health. They will help us determine new partnership opportunities, serve as strategic advisors for the Feed a Bee program and help spread the word about how to protect pollinators.

blooming wildflowersNew Partnerships in Bloom

Another partner that is helping us achieve this “seed-sational” goal is R.D. Offutt Company, a six-generation, family-owned potato farm operation headquartered in North Dakota. In 2017, R.D. Offutt Company will plant 250 acres – upward of 500,000,000 wildflowers – building on their 1,200 acres planted to date through Feed a Bee and other partnerships. They are even enlisting an entomology doctoral student from the University of Minnesota to document the plantings’ effects on our fuzzy friends. R.D. Offutt Company is just one of the 100-plus Feed a Bee partners we are happy to work with again in 2017.

bee on flowerShare a Bee to Feed a Bee

Among these other Feed a Bee updates, we’ve rolled out “Share a Bee to Feed a Bee.” Each time you post a virtual bee in the form of an emoji or use #FeedABee on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, real-life seeds are planted for pollinators. You can also participate in our “Share a Bee to Feed a Bee” program by retweeting or reposting Feed a Bee news from our official @Bayer4CropsUS accounts on Twitter and Instagram or by sharing a tidbit learned via our website. Even actions on our site like watching a video, sharing information about pollinators or otherwise interacting with the busy bees at FeedABee.com will also trigger more seeds planted to provide forage. The support of pollinator enthusiasts across the globe has been crucial to protecting pollinators over the years, and we aim to attract more allies this year by offering more ways to join us in spreading blooms for bees!

flower in handWe’re happy to have our partners with us on this journey, along with new ways to plant wildflowers on behalf of the nearly one million people who have supported our mission. Feed a Bee will continue working to provide additional sources of nutrition and habitat for pollinators in 2017. Look for more updates and announcements along the way as we continue buzzing for the bees this year!