Busy Bees and Priceless Partners

Girl Scouts and Golfers Alike Celebrate Bees
Girl Scout scout leader at Bee Health event in Mount Airy, NC Honey bee pollinating sunflower
Girl Scout Bee Health festivities in Mount Airy, NC
Girl Scout Festivities in Mount Airy, NC

The Bayer Feed a Bee initiative has a way of bringing people together to benefit bees and other pollinators. Recently, two groups in particular have taken a special interest in establishing additional forage areas for our favorite insects.

An Interactive Day with Girl Scouts

In May, the Surry County Beekeepers Association in Mount Airy, North Carolina, offered its expertise to local Girl Scouts interested in how pollinators play a pivotal part in our ecosystem. The troop was eager to hear more about beekeeping, as well as about honey bees in general. Members of the beekeeping group met with the Girl Scouts for an interactive, memorable session, including a skit that detailed the distinct members of a hive, such as the queen, drone and worker bees. The girls learned to make honey straws and enjoyed a fun afternoon. To conclude the event, attendees planted some 400 seeds of a specially formatted wildflower mix, provided by Bayer, in one of the beekeeper’s backyards, to help ensure additional nutrition for area honey bees.

Fore The Bees Golf Tournament participants in Bee Health photo booth
Bayer Fore The Bees Golf Tournament group of golfers
Participants at Cantigny Golf Tournament in IL
Local Food bloggers at Bayer Bee Health event plated lamb chops Local Food bloggers at Bayer Bee Health event drizzle honey
Cooking lesson with local food bloggers
Scott Witte provides tour of Cantigny bee hives
Scott Witte provides tour of Cantigny bee hives.

Fore The Bees Golf Tournament in Cantigny, IL

Last month, in Wheaton, IL, the inaugural “Fore the Bees” Feed a Bee charity golf tournament took place at Cantigny Golf, one of the Midwest’s finest golf facilities. Coupled with an engaging chef’s tasting and cooking lesson the day prior for local food bloggers and media, golfers from all around teed off to show their support for pollinators. Proceeds benefited Children’s Discovery Museum in Normal, IL, to help fund pollinator and agriculture education initiatives. In addition, Feed a Bee matched $15,300 in funds raised for the museum! Participants enjoyed lunch prepared with local ingredients harvested from crops brought to them courtesy of pollinators, along with a cocktail hour and door prizes.

This event also showcased the Bee Barometer Project at Cantigny, a longstanding and enthusiastic Feed a Bee partner, in which superintendent and resident beekeeper Scott Witte manages multiple honey bee hives on the property. He even harvests the honey and beeswax they produce to make products sold in the Golf Shop. Attendees had the unusual opportunity to see the apiary at work and learn more about the project. Cantigny has also set aside acreage for pollinator forage, establishing dedicated habitats in out-of-play areas on the course.

Why It Matters

Feed a Bee partners everywhere are celebrating the work of these industrious insects. Through local support and impactful partnerships like these, the word will be spread about the crucial role of bees in our world. By planting more pollinator-attractant flowers, continuing research into the issues at play and actively making pollinator health a priority in our communities, everyone can support “Fore the Bees.”

For more information on Feed a Bee, visit FeedABee.com or to have Bayer plant on your “bee-half,” Tweet a Bee 🐝 to #FeedABee!