The Latest Buzz: Fall and Winter 2018

It’s been a busy few months for the Bayer Bee Care Program! We hosted National Honey Bee Day cooking classes, facilitated educational webinars and even sponsored the PGA TOUR Championship, where golf fans were positively buzzing over bees. As we near the end of 2018, we’re back with the “Latest Buzz” – a roundup of the most recent news and resources in the bee health space to help you “bee” in the know:

  • Pollinator Garden at EW Historical Society to Benefit Bees – Planting pollinator-attractant gardens is one easy thing we can all do to provide food and habitat for pollinators. With funding from the Feed a Bee grant program, a new master gardener in Connecticut chose to plant a plethora of native plants to support local pollinators in hopes of planting seeds in the minds of the community’s youth, as well!
  • Smart Monitoring for Healthy Hives – Meet researchers Dr. Hopkins and Mr. Tomazin, two scientists who are working together on a digital management tool that uses RFID tracking to help commercial beekeepers monitor their hives in real time. Watch the replay of their National Pollinator Week webinar to learn how this new technology could help beekeepers by eliminating some of the guesswork from hive management and decision-making.
  • The Changing Face of Deformed Wing Virus – Dr. Martin, Mr. Oliver and their team of researchers are seeking to answer one question: can honey bees and the Varroa mite coexist? To learn the answer and dig deeper into the implications for your hives, hear from Dr. Martin and Mr. Oliver by viewing their webinar recording from National Pollinator Week.
  • National Honey Bee Day 2018: Celebrating Pollinators and All They Do – On August 18, influential foodies across the country celebrated National Honey Bee Day by cooking with foods pollinated by bees, such as zucchinis and almonds, and sharing the buzz about pollinators with their followers.
  • Lo Bosworth at The Deck Presented by Feed a Bee at the PGA Tour Championship – Food and lifestyle influencer Lo Bosworth stopped by the PGA TOUR Championship in Atlanta, Georgia, to help the Feed a Bee program educate nearly 10,000 tournament attendees about the importance of honey bees to our food supply. Read more about the experience here.
  • The Next Generation of Beekeeping – As the current population of beekeepers ages, it’s up to our next generation to lead the charge. Our National Honey Month webinar featured Young Beekeeper Award winners who are doing just that! Watch a recording of the webinar to hear about their unique projects and learn how we can all do our part to support their efforts.

Check back in 2019 for the next swarm of news!