1st Year Anniversary

BBCC Annual Report
The Bayer Bee Care Center celebrated its
one-year anniversary on April 27, 2015.
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On April 27, the Bee Care Center in Research Triangle Park, NC, celebrated its successes and its one-year anniversary.

The Center was opened to help foster bee health research, education, partnerships and stewardship and has made truly remarkable progress toward those goals in this first year, including:

  • Building on its Sentinel Hives monitoring program by obtaining new non-invasive technologies known as Smart Hives, to track changes in colony health and help improve hive management.
  • Establishing a honey bee stock improvement program to address quality queen rearing capabilities and increase desirable colony characteristics and genetics.
  • Screening new products to increase beekeeper options for managing the invasive parasite, the Varroa mite, as well as other pests that threaten hives.
  • Evaluating potential new natural bee repellents to help lessen potential forager exposure.
  • Creating cutting-edge research tools and benchmark analytical processes to advance its understanding of bee health and scientific risk assessment.
  • Developing and testing new delivery systems, including the novel Varroa Gate technology, to prevent colony re-infestation by Varroa mites during the summer season.
  • Hosting more than 3,000 visitors to the Center during its first year of operation.
  • Establishing a bee health student research platform, involving visiting graduate students and sponsored research projects among universities.
  • Bringing more than 2,400 visitors for an interactive bee health educational experience that toured seven U.S. states and one Canadian province.
  • Participating in more than 100 conferences, meetings and tradeshows dedicated to bee health education, and making dozens of presentations to consumers, beekeepers, growers, researchers and members of government.
  • Receiving CropLife America’s “Stewardship First” award for bee health educational efforts.
  • Investing $52,000 in the National FFA for individual and chapter grant projects focused on bee health, including pollinator gardens.
  • Sponsoring bee awareness activities during National Pollinator Week at the U.S. Botanic Gardens in Washington, D.C.
  • Honoring beekeepers through the Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award, recognizing an individual who uses his or her interest in and commitment to honey bees to benefit the community in which he or she lives.
  • Developing and introducing Bayer’s Fluency Agent, an innovative technology that significantly reduces airborne dust associated with corn seed planting to reduce potential bee exposure.
  • Being a founding member of the Corn Dust Research Consortium, which was convened by the Pollinator Partnership to research ways to mitigate potential exposures to bees.
  • Working with growers and beekeepers to promote best management practices (BMP) and better communication to avoid potential exposures to pollinators.
  • Developing video and collateral materials to reinforce BMP application practices for growers. Bayer’s CARE Program emphasizes communication and stewardship of our products and the long-term viability of modern farming.
1st Year Anniversary Bee Care Center Jim Blome Proclomation
Crop Science, a division of Bayer celebrated the one-year anniversary of the North American Bee Care Center on April 27, 2015. On that date, Dr. Richard Reich, North Carolina Agricultural Services assistant commissioner (on right in photo), presented an official State of North Carolina proclamation to Jim Blome, Crop Science president and CEO (left). The proclamation from North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory declared April 27 as “Honey Bee Day.” Click here to see more celebration photos.

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