North American Bee Care Center

North American Bayer Bee Care Center
The North American Bee Center, located on the Research Triangle Park campus in North Carolina, brings together significant technological, scientific and academic resources to support product stewardship, sustainable agriculture and comprehensive solutions for honey bee health. The $2.4 million, 6,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility houses:
  • A full laboratory with a teaching and research apiary;
  • Honey extraction and workshop space;
  • Interactive learning center;
  • Meeting, training and presentation spaces for beekeepers, farmers and educators;
  • Office space for staff and graduate students;
  • On-site demonstration honey bee hives; and
  • A screened hive observation area.

Bayer Bee Care Technology Stations

The Bee Care Program strives to create new approaches and solutions to benefit bee health and has regional facilities across North America including:
  • Eastern Bee Care Technology Station in Clayton, NC, a nearly 1,200-square-foot building dedicated to promoting and protecting bee health with comprehensive extraction and bee hive maintenance areas to conduct research.
  • Western Bee Care Technology Station in Fresno, CA, hosting a fence row project with Project Apis m., a non-profit organization dedicated to honey bee health.
  • Northern Bee Care Technology Station in Ontario focusing on monitoring overwintering success of bee hives in Eastern Canada and observing hive health and forager interactions with a wide variety of horticultural and row crops.

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