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Bee Care Girl Scouts Homeschoolers
North Raleigh-area homeschoolers visited the Bayer Bee Care Center on May 5, and asked questions typical of many groups who visit. See their questions, and answers from beekeeping expert Sarah Myers.

Community groups of all ages – such as Girl Scouts, home schoolers, FFA, families, and more – visit the Bee Care Center to learn about bees. They have an opportunity to see a real bee hive from the safety of the screened hive observation area.

Bee Care Girl Scouts
Photos from Girl Scout events hosted at the Bayer Bee Care Center on April 13 and 17, and May 18, 2015.
Girl Scout groups visiting the Center participate in age-appropriate activities and receive an “I Care For Bees” patch in recognition of their bee care knowledge. Younger girls enjoy activities that teach them about foods Girl Scout Patchpollinated by bees. They also have an opportunity for a group reading of Toby and the Bees. Older Girl Scouts are exposed to the life cycle of a honey bee and the inside workings of a bee hive. They learn about the Varroa mite and other bee pests.

Girl Scouts also have participated in the Feed a Bee initiative. For example, Girl Scout Troop 456 in Tappahannock, VA, is planting five acres of wildflower seed mix as a forage area for bees.

For community groups interested in touring the Bee Care Center, click here for the Tour Registration Form.

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