Although bee health is a complex issue, it is widely recognized that the Varroa mite is a key threat to the health of honey bees in North America. An invasive species, the Varroa mite weakens the bee, proliferates rapidly and transmits pathogenic viruses. Just imagine a large insect the size of a platter, sucking blood from your back while transmitting diseases! That is exactly how honey bees are affected by the Varroa mite.

Varroa mites are prevalent in every hive and must be managed. There is a need for new varroacides with different modes of action and application, as well as a better understanding of mite susceptibility patterns and resistance development and resistance management. New mite treatment options are being investigated by various institutions and companies. Bayer has been offering a variety of products for many years. They are approved for Varroa control according to national veterinary regulations and the mite’s occurrence.

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