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project am brassica
Pictured: Brassica in full bloom at Bayer’s Western Bee Care Technology Station in Fresno, CA. The Brassica is part of the Seeds for Bees: Fresno Fence Row Project, a collaboration between Bayer and Project Apis m. to assess food sources for bees in almond orchards.
We are partnering with research institutes and universities, beekeepers and industry partners on a number of additional research projects and partnerships. These include:

Bee Repellents
- Natural and synthetic products that repel honey bees from foraging, for a period of time, such as on flowering crops while insecticide applications are made.

Healthy Hives 20/20 – A Bayer initiative for improving the health of honey bee colonies in the United States by the year 2020. Bayer is partnering with experts on bee health to establish an advisory council to discuss strategies to improve honey bee health.

Seeds for Bees: Fresno Fence Row Project – Partnering with Project Apis m. to evaluate seed mixes to plant in almond orchards.

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