Land Cover Assessments - Breakdown Across Apiaries

Thanks to the help of colleagues in our modeling team with extensive GIS experience, we were able to determine the break down of the land cover composition surrounding each apiary within a 1 mile and 3 mile radius. Basically, we were able to generate a map of the surrounding area using google earth software and then overlay the 2016 USDA Crop Data Layer on to the map. This then shows us what the surrounding landscape looked like and what was grown in 2016 around that location. As a reminder, you too can get an idea of the surrounding area using the USDA Crop Data Layer at

So I’ve made two tables showing the land cover break down within a 1 mile radius and then a 3 mile radius for each hive. We have a few hives we need to add to the list and a few that need to be adjusted slightly but this is the break down at the moment, so now anyone interested can start playing around with the data! Now that we have the numbers, I will start looking into patterns in the weight data that might be attributed to land cover but we already see some of these patterns with cotton, check out the Week 18-21 update for some of this!

Land Cover Assessment 

Land Cover Assessment

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