How can you learn more about bees?

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Bee Care team members shared information about bees at the Education Garden at Piedmont Park in Atlanta in July 2015. The students inaugurated a special vending machine that dispenses complimentary plant seed balls. They tossed their seed balls into the green space. These seeds will eventually bloom into beautiful wildflowers and provide forage for thousands of bees in the park. The vending machine will be in the park throughout the summer and early fall of 2015.
In addition to touring the Bayer Bee Care Center in Research Triangle Park, N.C.,  there are some great ways to learn more about bees here on this page. Seeing a live honey bee hive is a special treat for tours in warm weather months, but you don’t have to visit the Bee Care Center to see a live hive on video.    

You may have a few questions after watching the video, so take a look at answers to the most commonly asked questions on Center tours. Observe what is going on in our hives even if you can’t come to tour by logging into the Smart Hive website. Hive sensors transmit data that is recorded from the past 30 days on variables impacting hive health.
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Bee our guest! You can track the
conditions of our honey bee hives
by accessing our Smart Hive data
that includes information on hive
and brood temperature, hive
humidity, hive noises and activity,
and hive weight.

Resources for the Classroom

Please check back often to this section as resources and publications are continuously added. Be sure to sign up for the bi-monthly Buzz newsletter, which offers news and resources for those interested in the world of bees.

  • Career exploration
    • The National FFA Organization’s Career Explorer provides a detailed fact sheet about a career in beekeeping.
    • Beekeeping 101 offers questions to consider when weighing a beekeeping career or hobby.

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